Candy Thoughs

I walk up the stairs.

Squished Skittle on the floor.

Then, I am like that hard shelled

Yellow fruit chew elbow to elbow

On the 7.


Onward to Manhattan.

At Hunter’s Point the view of

Tagged-up roof tops vanish.

In a Tunnel.



The woman next to me is seated.

Her bags are nestled beside her.

I cannot sit.

I hate her.

The man across from her seems

Enthralled by his phone screen.


Ladies and Gentlemen we are delayed due to train traffic ahead of us.


If there is one track

And all the trains are going

Along it, then how can there be

Traffic if they just kept moving?

42nd Street, Bryant Park.


There is a florist shop here.

Do people buy flowers often anymore?

Moreover in the subway?

I ponder as I walk up more stairs.


Gum wrapper.

Smushed Starburst on the sidewalk.


Candy thoughts get interrupted by a

Realization that there was blood shed

On the Pond not two days ago.


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