The Dilemma with Blogging

I have had blogs before, but I gave up on them all prematurely. By premature I mean that, they never went anywhere. I was never able to make the blog something cohesive. I was never happy with the theme, or the fonts, or the content. I didn’t know how to get followers. In fact, here I am on wordpress with the highest number of followers I have ever had. Yep, I stand tall with ten whole followers ::pats self on the back::

I guess that brings me to this post. My dilemma with blogging. You see, I don’t want to make this an online journal (although I see absolutely nothing wrong with that) yet I still want my readers (all ten of them) to learn about who I am through what I write. Everything that I post must mean something to me, or it must display some sort of passion, and emotion, some history, maybe it can teach someone something they didn’t already know. Is that pretentious? I suppose the whole idea of blogging is rather pretentious. Here we all are, pouring our hearts and thoughts into these little grouping of pixels on a screen hoping that someone will tumble upon it, and they they will be moved enough to follow us. Some of you will claim that you could care less about who reads your blog, but come one, who are you trying to fool? Why would you write a blog if you weren’t trying to get some attention, some praise, or some sort of… affirmation? If you’re writing for the sole sake of writing then, keep it all in a folder on your desktop for yourself. Am I right?

I suppose you can qualify this post as a rant, perhaps. My issue here is that I don’t know what to write half the time, and every time that I post, I realize that it’s a completely different post from the last. This isn’t a travel blog, or a food blog or a poetry blog. This is just… my blog. Does that make me a blogger? I feel as if I don’t even have the right to call myself that. At least, not yet. I would like to reach people with my writing. I want people to read through my blog and stumble upon something that speaks to them. Maybe they too are going through something similar. Maybe they too have to write a paper on Countee Cullen’s Yet Do I Marvel and they can use me as a source. The mere idea, gives me a sense of pride, that I may appear in someone’s work cited one day.

For all ten of you who decided to follow me, I really want to extend my thanks. It really means a lot. I didn’t know what to expect when I started really. I was speaking to a Doctor of English recently. She works in publishing. She told me that if I like to write, then I should start a blog. That’s not the first time that I’ve been given that advice, and like I already mentioned to you, this is not my first blog. I am determined however to make this one a success. However, I really don’t think that I can do that without any of you. I need your feedback. I need your comments and your ideas, and I would love if some of you posed me questions that I may answer. 

Like I said, I don’t know what kind of blog this is, but as the url certainly suggests, it’s just what I think; what max thinks.

I hope to hear from you.


love and light, 



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